Michael D. Abbott



Michael D. Abbott has been assisting clients for two decades, helping to protect their retirement accounts and secure their futures. He has assisted thousands of retirees with their 401(k)s and pension plans, and has advised retirees...
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Christopher M. Bennett



Christopher M. Bennett is a well-established financial professional, working in the industry for the last 16 years. He began his career at Prudential Financial located in Bedford, N.H. Since 2003 he has been CEO of The Abbott Bennett...

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Michal Foldyna

Marketing Director

603-224-6969 ext 117

Michal Foldyna has been a part of The Abbott Bennett Group since 2017. Michal comes with experience of over two decades in the restaurant industry, where he learned and further developed his interpersonal skills in the midst of...

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Danielle Jordan

Account Executive

603-224-6969 ext 114

The newest member of our team, Danielle Jordan became a part of the Abbott Bennet Group in 2019. Danielle joins us with over 15 years experience in the Auto industry where she specialized in sales, finance and the accounting side of...

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Rob Darrell

College Funding Advisor

603-224-6969 ext 118

Robert L. Darrell is a Concord, NH native with over 22 years of insurance industry experience. He started his career working at Bankers Life and Casualty where he received the Rookie Agent of the Year award. Focusing on life insurance,...

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