Protect the Chicken

At the Abbott Bennett Group we believe that Wall Street likes to separate us from our money. And for years we've all heard the same cliche mantras and excuses, including the following. 

"Buy low, and sell high" 

But when you're up... "You can't sell now because you'll pay too much in taxes."

And when you're down... "It's not a loss if it's only on paper."

And don't forget "Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

But has anyone ever taught you to Protect the Chicken?!

This might sound funny but think about it. The chicken is YOUR MONEY and the eggs are YOUR INCOME.

It's OK if a few eggs get dropped here and there. But what happens if something happens to the chicken? It's much worse. No chicken means no eggs, which means no income.

That's why we believe in protecting the chicken at all costs.